Unfinished International children, Tausi and Loita


How many times have you heard or seen #Disabilityisnotinability? What does this mean to you, and why is it common now than ever? I have been asking these questions as I continue to see this phrase. I know many who are using it mean well and are spreading the word on equality and advocating for those with disabilities. However, i wonder how many read it and not think more about it. Let’s dissect what the tag means; having a disability does not mean you have the inability.

So let’s say you have a physical disability; you have one hand; it does not mean that you can not accomplish things in life; you still have motor functioning. The difference is that your everyday tasks may take you longer to perform compared with an individual with two hands. The fact that you have a disability (loss of one arm) does not mean that you cannot accomplish tasks. You have the ability within you, and with the proper accommodations, you will be mainstreamed into society successfully.

Changing society’s view of disability is not an easy task. It begins with individuals who are passionate about advocating for individuals with disabilities spreading the word that your disability can not limit you. Pushing the agenda has not been easy in isolation, it takes a village, the village of strong, persistent and courageous advocates to let the world know that we can no longer limit individuals based on their disabilities. #Disabilityisnotinability.

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